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An Intern’s Reflection “I Used to Think…Now I Know”

“I used to think that criminal activity was truly indicative of someone’s character. That somehow, the moments in which a person chose to harm someone else or break the law were an accurate reflection of that person’sentire character, even invalidating or undermining all the other moments of that person’s life in which they were responsible, honest, moral and compassionate. Now I know that the truth is, of course, not nearly so simple, that we are all very complex people capable of making both good and bad decisions, and that desperation drives people to actions they would never have contemplated under other circumstances.

I also used to think that law enforcement agents and members of the criminal justice system always aimed to act in society’s best interest, but now I think that the system sometimes operates in a manner primarliy intended to perpetuate itself or project a certain image to the public rather than to enact real justice.” 

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