Learn more about GJP's Justice in Action Corporate Partnership Program

The role of corporations in philanthropy has never been more important.

While donations are still a key part of supporting the work of Georgia Justice Project, we understand that companies frequently want to engage their employees in volunteerism, support initiatives with direct community impacts, and to utilize their influence to move the needle for systemic change. The Justice in Action Corporate Partnership Program engages corporate donors across varying channels of giving.

The contributions of our corporate partners enable GJP to make a tremendous difference for those who rely on our service—to protect our citizens, reduce recidivism, reduce crime, and help those who have paid their debt to society to gain a renewed sense of purpose and a better life.

2022-2023 Justice In Action Corporate Partnership Packet

Your support helps fund a variety of criminal justice reform initiatives throughout the year:

  • Criminal Defense with Social Service Support
  • Warrant Clinic (NEW)
  • Restorative Justice Georgia (NEW)
  • Metro Reentry Facility (MRF)
  • Early Termination of Probation
  • Driver's License Suspensions
  • Employment Support


  • Record Clearing Consultation and Representation
  • State-Wide Expungement Summits
  • Second Chance Expungement Help Desk
  • Occupational Licenses Consultation and Representation
  • Statewide Policy Change
  • Community Education & Outreach
  • Volunteer Training

Each donation receives recognition for one year after donation.

2022-23 Sponsorship Grid

Interested in becoming a Justice in Action Corporate Partner?

To learn more about this program or if you have additional questions, please contact Development Director Ermis Zayas at 404-827-0027 ext. 217 or email

To make a donation online by credit card:

Visit GJP's donation page and click the link to donate.
Choose “Corporate Partnership Program” under "What would you like your donation to support?"
The Donate button facilitates an immediate e-secure gift.

To make a donation by check:

Download our Corporate Partner Donation Form
Please make checks payable to: “Georgia Justice Project”

Recognizing our Champion, Advocate and Protector level partners!

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