GJP is a Force for Good!
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The Georgia Justice Project will be featured in the newest edition of Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits.  

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Caiti’s Story
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The past two weeks I have been astonished by the repercussions of our intake coordinator being gone. With just one component of GJP missing, there was suddenly a mad dash to pull together and keep things running. This illustrated the importance of each individual to our operation, which in turn illustrates the importance of our operation to our clients.

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Brittany’s Story
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I have felt the most surprised when I hear the stories of our clients. Just when I think I have heard something so baffling that nothing else will surprise me, I am horribly surprised by another act/story of racism that our potential clients have dealt with.

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Barrett’s Story
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When I first started, I did not understand why GJP did not take criminal cases outside of Fulton and DeKalb counties. But now I realize it is impossible to help everyone in those two counties. Dealing with intake daily, I have found GJP is a specific organization and there are still plenty of citizens out there who cannot find adequate representation.

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Claire’s Story
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I have felt the most surprised that GJP doesn’t really screen potential clients based on guilt/innocence. During my first month, I’ve been struck that while staff usually has a sense about whether a particular client is guilty or not, it doesn’t affect their approach to the case. Instead, the screening is more about whether the client is really ready to move on and improve their life.

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