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Caiti’s Story

The past two weeks I have been astonished by the repercussions of our intake coordinator being gone. With just one component of GJP missing, there was suddenly a mad dash to pull together and keep things running. This illustrated the importance of each individual to our operation, which in turn illustrates the importance of our operation to our clients. Had we not pulled together to fill the void, our clients would have been short-changed for the past two weeks: existing clients would not be able to schedule appointments compounded by the difficulty they would experience in contacting their attorneys. Potential clients would have suffered just as severely: individuals seeking criminal help would perhaps forgo our help altogether due to the time constraints of a trial and potential Coming Home clients would have to wait even longer than the already excruciating slow expungement process. In conclusion, I was surprised – and perhaps more accurately, impressed – with the importance of each individual not only to our integral office but also to the greater GJP community.

– Caiti, Rising Sophomore, Duke University

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