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“The Power of Georgia Justice Project”
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Remarks at the 2015 Grass Roots Justice Awards on April 29, 2015 April LaLand-Sentmanat, Alumna Client Care, compassion and concern for people.  That is the core of Georgia Justice Project.  I am the face and the voice of such efforts. And I stand before you this evening only by the grace of God.  Back in 1998, I was a 29 year-old, scared, troubled, criminally-prone crack addict and mother of five.  A current resident of the Fulton County jail, rightfully charged … read more “The Power of Georgia Justice Project”

David’s Story
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Like so many GJP clients, David was referred to us by another non-profit.  When we met him nearly 20 years ago, he was living in his car, struggling with addiction, and facing criminal charges.  Yet, David wanted to change, he wanted a better . . .  a different . . . life.  GJP lawyers took his case.  And GJP counselors worked with him and got him into treatment.   “GJP staff gave me hope and a vision for what my life could be … read more David’s Story

Andrea’s Story
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When Andrea Henderson enrolled in a Moving to Work program at The Center for Working Families (TCWF), she was ready to turn things around and willing to work hard to make a new start. During her initial assessment, she suddenly realized it would be even harder than she expected.  The computer search turned up an outstanding warrant for 10-year-old felony indictment she knew nothing about. Sure, she remembered the incident, a chaotic neighborhood free-for-all, but she had never been assigned … read more Andrea’s Story

Devon’s Story
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Over four years ago, GJP represented Devon on a minor theft case.  Devon had never been in trouble before this case, and GJP’s attorneys and social workers were able to get his case dismissed with consent to expunge after he successfully completed PTI (pre-trial intervention) classes. In 2010 GJP attorneys helped get Devon’s record expunged, and he had no criminal history. Fast forward to September, 2012, and Devon was offered a good job with a local utility company as a … read more Devon’s Story

A Client Story told by GJP’s, Anthony Sanchez
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The need for services for our clients continue throughout the entire year.  GJP’s supporters are the reason we are able to assist Georgia’s indigent criminally accused and help them live productive, crime-free lives.   Please make a donation and help sustain this important work. Click here to read more of our client stories.

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