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Client Stories

Max’s Story
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Many folks don’t realize that all it takes is one person.  One person can claim you stole something or did something wrong. One person was all it took to turn Max’s world upside down for two years.  Max was arrested and charged with theft by conversion.  Helen, the wife of a former colleague, claimed Max sold a car that belonged to her husband.  Helen never had any proof the car belonged to her or her recently deceased husband.  All she … read more Max’s Story

Will’s Story
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Will never had a chance.  The oldest of six children, his father was a drug dealer and his mother an addict.  His role model was an uncle in prison.  When asked why he chose him as role model, Will replied:  “Because he never hit me.” 

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Regina’s Story
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Regina Sullivan (N.B. not our client’s real name) planned to be the chain-breaker, the one who wasn’t afflicted by the generational curse. “I thought, ‘there’s no way I’d ever let a man get me there,’” she says, still seemingly baffled. She was smart, college-educated, and the mother of a daughter she adored. And she was headed to jail on a domestic violence charge.

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Antoine’s Story
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Celebrating eleven years clean, and Antoine Stevens still calls himself a newcomer (N.B. Antoine Stevens is not our client’s real name).

read more Antoine’s Story

Ernesto Green
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This was a mistake. It had to be. He’d been at home all night, drinking and partying with friends in a neighborhood not far from where he’d grown up. “I’m thinking I’m about to get out,” says Ernesto, “that it must be a joke,” because what else could it be?

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