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Client Story – JT

JT first came to GJP last year for help. A 17-year-old teen already caught in the revolving door of crime and poverty, he was motivated but struggling to stay on his track toward a better future. JT had a precarious start in life. Raised by his great-grandmother, JT had little connection with his biological parents, and found himself caught up in the juvenile justice system at a young age. JT had only completed school through the 10th grade, but was working on his GED when he was originally arrested. 

GJP took on his case because we saw the potential of a young man who needed support, not prison.

Following his sentence, JT was ordered to go to a detention center, but he could not be housed with others because of his young age. As so many currently in the system, JT also contracted COVID-19 while in the detention center and had to be isolated even further to prevent the spread of the virus. Despite the many challenges JT has faced, he is a bright and optimistic young man, and has remained positive while following the conditions of his sentence.

JT worked hard to meet his probation requirements ordered by the court, but was facing challenges enrolling in his probation program, a process that can be confusing. GJP social workers worked with JT, helping him navigate the complicated and confusing process. 

As part of GJP’s holistic model of service, GJP staff have worked diligently with JT to both help him meet his probation requirements and work towards his other goals to move toward a stable, productive life. GJP social workers have helped JT find housing, provided transportation for him to and from meetings with his probation officer, connected him to GED programs and classes, and helped him fulfill his probation requirements by remaining employed. Above all, we work hard to set up clients like JT up for success.

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