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Congratulations to RJG’s First Round of Volunteer Facilitators!

Last month, Georgia Justice Project (GJP) was excited to announce the launch of Restorative Justice Georgia (RJG) – the first restorative justice program in the state to utilize innovative and rehabilitative processes to address harms caused by felony offenses. As a part of the organization’s core mission, Georgia Justice Project demonstrates a better way to address criminal legal issues and serve justice-involved Georgians. GJP is launching Restorative Justice Georgia as another innovative and bipartisan approach to addressing complex problems within Georgia’s criminal legal system

Trained, trauma-focused, and neutral facilitators are a key component to conducting restorative justice practices that examine the harm caused by an offense and seek to repair that harm by giving victims a chance to express their needs and holding responsible parties accountable for their actions.  This process allows individuals to make amends to the harmed person and the community, with a focus on accountability, healing, and reintegration. Recently, our first round of volunteer facilitators completed their 20-hour training course with GJP’s Restorative Justice Program Manager, Rami El-Gharib, and we are so grateful for the work they are doing to help us bring restorative justice to Georgians who need it most. We are thrilled to offer these training graduates our congratulations!

If you are interested in volunteering with Restorative Justice Georgia, visit to learn more!

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