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David’s Story

Like so many GJP clients, David was referred to us by another non-profit.  When we met him nearly 20 years ago, he was living in his car, struggling with addiction, and facing criminal charges.  Yet, David wanted to change, he wanted a better . . .  a different . . . life.  GJP lawyers took his case.  And GJP counselors worked with him and got him into treatment. 

 “GJP staff gave me hope and a vision for what my life could be when I had given up.”  David relates that he did not think that stability in life would be something he could ever achieve since he had wasted so much time making decisions based on getting his next drink.

Over the years, David has kept in touch with GJP.  He has come to dinners, holiday events, picnics – and as a trained chef, he has even helped cook at a few such events.  He has benefited from GJP referrals for better housing, medical treatment and of course his addiction.  Two years ago, David became a member of the GJP Community Advisory Group and really enjoys the opportunity to give back to a place that has given him a lot.  David is also proud to be part of GJP as it is growing and expanding its services.  “I think it is really important to help people who have been in trouble know how to address barriers we still run into.  In addition to the work GJP does with representation and records, GJP has also helped me understand how I can address some of these barriers for myself.  Without GJP’s help, I would probably be homeless and without a job.”

David’s word to donors:

GJP’s focus is to help the client.  GJP gives you a head start(I think) but they (GJP) expect you to cross the finish line for yourself.  The finish line is the life the client lives every day with housing, employment and supporting relationships.


GJP staff met David about 20 years ago.  He was struggling with an alcohol addiction and as a result had criminal charges pending.  GJP handled the case and worked with David see the importance of treatment and support for his addiction. 

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