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Eli Gershon’s 2015 Summer Internship Reflection

Of all the meaningful moments I had at GJP, one of the most special seemed at first like an ordinary, simple task.  A former client came in and needed help with his resume.  I went in to the task with the attitude that it would be quick and easy, that his resume only needed to be put into a simple template.  I spoke with him and heard about his skills, his previous jobs, his passion and his life story.  After getting to know him, it took no time at all to create a personal, good looking resume.  I also helped him with updating and designing new cards and fliers for his business.  At the end, he was so appreciative that he went around the office offering to wash everyone’s cars for free.  He was brimming with happiness at his new documents.  This is what GJP does.  Even seemingly small services like building a resume and updating business cards that took me only 20 minutes helped him immensely.  GJP takes on clients, and helps them through thick and thin, from places like the Georgia Supreme Court to a small desk in a corner of GJP’s lobby.  Things like helping the man with his resume and bringing him so much happiness and hope truly made coming to my internship every day a pleasure.

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