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Intern Reflection: GJP is Important in the Atlanta Community Because…

GJP is important in the Atlanta community because of the support that it offers to citizens of Atlanta, both presently and for its citizens in the future. On one level, the GJP’s outreach to the community can be seen to encompass its social work services and legal aid to low-income individuals. An additional level, which I was initially unaware of when starting my internship, is the effort that the GJP takes to bring about change in legislation. The combination of the above facets of the organization go some way to recognizing the GJP’s importance to the Atlanta community.

Whilst it is clear that there are a number of organizations within the Atlanta community, it is equally apparent that the above services offered by the GJP would be largely inaccessible to Atlanta’s community if the organization had not been established to provide these services for free. I particularly admire the role that the GJP plays in aiding individuals in difficulty to improve their situations, as the solutions that GJP’s staff try to achieve for clients are highly sustainable. The expungement of a certain legal issue alone does not resolve the deep issue at hand. The clients who require the GJP’s services also need a larger web of support that the GJP helps to establish. This net, constructed by the interconnection of the above services offered by the GJP is so greatly required by society as a cure, albeit small to start with, to the exponential growth in the number of individuals crippled by a combination of crime, poverty, and employment.

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