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Max’s Story

Many folks don’t realize that all it takes is one person.  One person can claim you stole something or did something wrong. One person was all it took to turn Max’s world upside down for two years. 

Max was arrested and charged with theft by conversion.  Helen, the wife of a former colleague, claimed Max sold a car that belonged to her husband.  Helen never had any proof the car belonged to her or her recently deceased husband.  All she had was an allegation, and that’s all it took. Within two weeks of the arrest, Max was indicted.  

Georgia Justice Project took Max’s case thinking it would be over quickly.  After all, Max had copies of legal title and the original bill of sale. 

As our clients always do, Max began meeting with a GJP social worker while GJP’s lawyers began meeting with the DA (district attorney). 

Though there was no evidence that the car belonged to anyone but Max at the time of the sale, the DA hesitated.  For two years!  The DA offered Max a plea.  As time passed, the DA made offer after offer.  The offers got better and better, as the DA tried to resolve the case with a conviction and little punishment.  But Max maintained his innocence.

And GJP stood with Max.  Max received counseling while the legal team continued to work the case.

It took two years.  But finally the DA relented and dismissed the charges.  At the end of his ordeal, Max was grateful.  “GJP believed in me – supported me.  I know most lawyers would have forced me to take a plea.  But you all stood with me, believed in my innocence, and helped me become a better person in spite of the charge. “

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