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NF’s Story

GJP met NF when he was only 17 but facing serious criminal charges.  NF comes from a tight knight, low-income family. He wanted to contribute to the family income but had not completed high school and had no work skills or work history. A minor crime that he and a friend were involved in had gone very wrong. When GJP’s attorney and social worker interviewed NF, they were impressed by a young man who was bright and friendly despite having had few chances in life. Because of the work of the attorney and the case plan developed by the social worker, NF ultimately received a sentence that was more in line with his actual crime, and which would be restricted from public view upon completion. Like other clients GJP represents, NF agreed to keep working with the social worker on goals that would benefit him–finishing his education, finding employment, and completing his probation. The social worker would also provide other supports such as grief counseling and decision-making skills training that would help him succeed in life.

While things were okay for a while, NF’s life fell apart again when he became homeless. GJP attorneys and a social worker stepped up to help him get back on track. 

Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, NF lost this job once again. Like many GJP clients, NF has little margin for error: when one thing goes wrong, everything can go wrong.  Recently, GJP was able to pass along some financial assistance to him to help during this crisis.  Despite everything, NF remains committed to his goals, and he is using GJP resources to help him find his next job. 

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