If you are struggling to obtain an occupational license because of your criminal record, Georgia Justice Project may be able to help.

1 in 7 jobs require an occupational license. Because 40% of adult Georgians have a criminal record, they may be barred from these jobs. Every licensing applicant with a criminal record risks denial because of their record, even if it is old, pardoned or expunged.

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Preparing to Apply for an Occupational License with a Criminal Record

If you are eligible, there are a few steps that you should take before applying:

  1. Prepare before you start your training or education for the job requiring a license.
  2. See if you can get a preliminary decision from the licensing board.
  3. Gather your documents months before you apply.
  4. Fill out the application honestly.
  5. Explain your record to the licensing board.
  6. Be ready to appeal if it is denied.

Need additional help?

If you are unsure about your situation or need help with applying for your occupational license, please email Intake@GJP.org or call 404.827.0027 ext. 238. If you would like more information about applying for an occupational license with a criminal record, how to explain your record to an occupational licensing board, or working in a child care or elder care facility, go to the occupational licensing section of our resources page.