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Off Paper? You Can Vote! FAQs: Voting with a Criminal Record in Georgia

Georgia Justice Project (GJP) has been committed to reentry for over 30 years, and voting is an integral part of the reentry process. As we head into election season, we are providing public education around the state regarding criminal records and voting rights because there is much confusion regarding who is eligible to vote in Georgia. In Georgia, you do NOT lose your right to vote forever when you are convicted of a felony and you do NOT have to apply for a pardon to restore your right to vote. 

You ARE ELIGIBLE to vote in Georgia if:

  • You have completed your sentence for a felony conviction (including probation and parole)
  • You are in jail but not serving a sentence for a felony conviction
  • You are under a First Offender or Conditional Discharge felony sentence that has not been revoked
  • You are serving a sentence for a misdemeanor conviction
  • You meet all other basic requirements for voting such as age, citizenship, residency, and have registered to vote

Click here for our full FAQ on voting with a criminal record in Georgia

To further dispel misinformation, GJP previously worked with the Department of Community Supervision (DCS) to formalize Certificate of Sentence Completion and Discharge (Certificate), which demonstrate that people with felony convictions are no longer under correctional control and have paid their debt to society by completing their sentence. To learn more and to find out how to obtain a Certificate of Sentence Completion, click here. If you are an eligible Georgia resident, register here by October 5th to vote in the general election.

Confusion surrounding voter eligibility in Georgia may discourage eligible voters from casting their vote. We are working to dispel the myth that people with a felony conviction cannot vote in Georgia, and raise awareness for eligible voters with criminal records.

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