Our Mission

Georgia Justice Project strengthens our community by demonstrating a better way to represent and support individuals in the criminal justice system and reduce barriers to reentry into the community. GJP promotes innovative change through direct legal representation, policy advocacy, education, and coalition building.

Goals & Approach

For 35 years, GJP has worked to reduce the negative effects of a harsh and inequitable legal system by modeling a holistic justice approach and offering bi-partisan solutions to systemic problems.

GJP’s organizational goals are two-fold:

  1. Reduce the number of Georgians who are under correctional control (i.e., people in jail or prison or on probation or parole), and
  2. Reduce reentry barriers for the formerly incarcerated and justice-involved.

GJP’s approach (or theory of change) includes simultaneously working on three distinct levels:

  1. Individual – representing and supporting individuals in, and affected by, the system
  2. Policy / Systemic – working towards system change (e.g., legislation, administrative changes, etc.), and
  3. Community outreach and education – building community awareness and creating partnerships to support systemic change.