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Probation Reform Bill SB 105 Introduced

ATLANTA, February 9, 2021 – Georgia Justice Project (GJP) is pleased to announce that Senator Brian Strickland (R-McDonough) has introduced legislation that will positively impact thousands of individuals serving a probation sentence in Georgia. Senate Bill 105 (SB 105) provides a unified process by which individuals that have served at least three years on probation and have successfully met a list of eligibility criteria can seek early termination of their probation sentence.

Georgia has more individuals on community supervision (probation or parole) than any other state in the country: 1 in 18 Georgians.  Singularly, lengthy probation sentences account for Georgia’s disparity.  The average probation sentence in Georgia is 6.3 years versus the nationwide average of 2 years. 40% of all probation sentences in Georgia exceed 10 years.

SB 105 is designed to give thousands of Georgians who have proven their rehabilitation, by exemplifying good behavior, the ability to access early termination. On introduction of the bill Senator Strickland said, “I am proud to author this bipartisan legislation that helps ensure that those that have served their time and paid their restitution are able to transition back into society and gain meaningful employment instead of getting stuck in what can become a never ending cycle in our criminal justice system.”

Georgia Justice Project has served Georgians who have been affected by the criminal justice system for 35 years, and has seen the positive impact this legislation will have on Georgia communities. GJP’s Executive Director, Doug Ammar, applauded introduction of the bill. “We appreciate Senator Strickland’s interest and leadership in helping provide a pathway for rehabilitated Georgians to reenter their communities as productive members of society. We look forward to working together to achieve passage of the legislation this spring.”

Georgia Justice Project and the REFORM Community Supervision coalition, which includes Faith and Freedom Coalition, REFORM Alliance, RestoreHer and the American Conservative Union Foundation, have joined together in advocating for passage of this legislation.

Informational documents can be found at . For general information, visit


For more information, contact:

Erika Curtis
Communications Manager
Georgia Justice Project
404-827-0027 ext. 215

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