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Reminder: Georgia’s New Record Clearing Law

Don't forget these 5 fast facts about Georgia’s new criminal record clearing law!

  1. This is a first for Georgia. Before this new law, almost all convictions stayed on your record for life. As of 2021, you can now petition the court to restrict and seal (expunge) certain convictions from your record.

  2. Many pardoned felonies are included. If you receive a pardon for a felony conviction you can petition the court to restrict and seal the record, unless the conviction was for a serious violent felony or sex offense. 

  3. The process requires a judge to approve. A judge must sign off on whether the conviction record will be sealed, meaning it will no longer appear on background checks. Records remain available for law enforcement.

  4. Most misdemeanors can be sealed. The law allows you to restrict and seal up to 2 misdemeanor convictions, four years after you were convicted. There are some exceptions.

  5. Protections for employers are included. The new law provides significant liability protection for employers who engage in second chance hiring.

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