Voting with a Criminal Record in Georgia

GJP believes that regaining one’s right to vote is a critical part of the reentry process and works to ensure Georgians with a criminal record know their voting rights.


You CAN VOTE in Georgia if:

  • You are not currently serving a sentence for a felony conviction.
  • You are "off paper" (completed incarceration, parole and probation). 
  • You are serving a felony First Offender or Conditional Discharge sentence and the status has not been revoked.
  • Your sentence is complete - your right to vote is automatically restored. You just need to re-register in order to vote.
  • You meet other requirements for voting and are registered

IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE. If you prefer a paper registration form, email to have one mailed to you.

LONG PROBATION SENTENCE? If you have served at least three years on probation, you may qualify for early termination. See for criteria and how to pursue early termination. If your probation is terminated, you can vote.

For more details about voting rights, read below and/or download or print a PDF copy of our Frequently Asked Questions: Georgia's Voting Law and Criminal Records (en Español)

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Resources

Still unsure about your voting status?

Georgia Justice Project is here to help -- please contact us if you have any questions about your voting rights, sentence status, or have difficulty registering.

Ann Colloton, GJP's Policy and Outreach Coordinator

Phone:  (404) 827-0027, ext. 248


If you have any difficulty registering or casting your ballot, contact the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.