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Welcome 2023 Summer Interns!

GJP is thrilled to welcome an enthusiastic group of legal and undergraduate interns this year from schools across the nation. Summer is a busy time for GJP, and we appreciate the support of our summer interns to help us reach as many Georgians as possible.

Our legal interns provide valuable support to our legal team, including help with casework and policy research. Our undergraduate interns are essential in helping to plan our annual Back to School event, along with supporting general administrative tasks throughout the summer months.

Our legal interns this year include: Emily Peterson (Indiana University Maurer School of Law), Meghan Garrett Rankins (The University of North Carolina School of Law), and Nina Reddy (Yale Law School).

Our undergraduate interns this year include: Blessing Agyare (Northwestern University), Corrie Felker (Georgia State University), Claire Haile (Davidson College), Griffin Richie (Yale University) and Libby Zufi (University of Michigan Ann Arbor).

We asked each of them why they chose GJP for their internship; read what they said below! We look forward to working together this summer! 

“I came to work at GJP because I admire GJP’s unique approach to combatting inequity in the criminal justice system and its dedication to ending the constant cycle of poverty and crime marginalized communities face. Their transformative work inspires me to engage in this field with compassion and care.” – Blessing Agyare

“I chose to come to GJP because I really admire and resonate with GJP’s mission and work. I am very passionate about Criminal Justice reform and advocating for and improving the lives of those who have been impacted by the Criminal Justice System. I believe that making solid changes to the Justice System must happen systemically as well as individually and I think I will learn a lot about what this actually looks like in practice at GJP.” – Corrie Felker

“I hope to pursue a career in non-profit law in order to work for a just and equitable legal system, and I loved that GJP was doing this work while building connections with the community.” – Claire Haile

“I decided to come to GJP because I thought it was a unique organization doing great work for people! I’ve never seen another organization with GJP’s holistic services and I really wanted to be a part of their work.” – Emily Peterson

“I have wanted to work for GJP since I applied for a position in my senior year of college. It didn’t work out, but I knew I would keep trying and I’m glad I did! I admire GJP’s holistic approach to criminal defense, greatly. I also am dedicated to innovative and compassionate criminal defense lawyering in the South, where services are desperately needed. I believe GJP is the best place for me to learn these skills.” – Meghan Garrett Rankins

“I was born and raised in Georgia and am passionate about criminal legal reform in the South. I’m very interested in becoming a public defender in the future, so I thought this was the perfect place to be to explore holistic criminal defense!” – Nina Reddy

“I decided to come to GJP for my internship because I was drawn to GJP’s model for social change. I am a strong believer that we need to work both within the system and outside the system to help the most amount of people and maximize social change, so I am excited to contribute to GJP’s efforts in both areas!” – Griffin Richie

“I am interning at GJP because I admire the determination and care that the staff has for their clients, and I hope to gain more experience in the criminal justice field.” – Libby Zufi



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