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WJ’s Story

GJP represented WJ many years ago on a serious criminal charge. During his decades of incarceration, GJP continued to provide him support and serve as a resource for his successful reentry. Over the next 30 years, we wrote, visited and sent him packages allowed by the Department of Corrections. We helped provide transport for his family to see him in prison so he could stay connected to them and we included his family in our Back to School and Holiday events. WJ used his years of incarceration to change his life for the better. Last year, he was released to a transitional center and started work, using the resources at the center to be ready for reentry. Once released, WJ reconnected with his family, especially his son, and they helped him settle into his new life.

WJ was learning how to structure his time after many years of having it structured for him. He was going to work, paying his bills and he reconnected with the mother of his son.  Just as he was settling in to his new life, COVID-19 changed everything for WJ. Both he and his girlfriend lost their jobs, and all the stability WJ had spent years building was suddenly very precarious. GJP has been in contact with WJ throughout this crisis, and we were able to provide him funds to help pay rent and buy food thanks to generous GJP donors. We believe WJ will make it but not without help to get through this time. 

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